By accessing the deep brain, Brain Impact offers a unique and unparalleled insight into the consumer decision making process. We deliver readily actionable results, helping you to make the right business and strategic decisions.

Deep dive into what panels cannot express

By scanning the whole brain through fMRI, Brain Impact uncovers the unconscious reactions of your target audience and helps you get the full picture.

Brain Impact’s available measures range from declarative aspects (what consumers consciously perceive and can immediately act on) to true decision markers (deep unconscious factors impacting decision making over the long term).

Get answers to your unanswered questions

R&D Projects, big data & AI

Identify the product characteristics that really matter for consumers and set the right R&D focus to beat competition 

Marketing strategy support

Strengthen your positioning by assessing the emotional territory conveyed of your product, logo, packaging, advertising, design and pricing
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Brain Impact’s neurometrics spectrum

Over 10 years of scientific research combined with in-market fMRI tests have enabled Brain Impact to establish a list of the most useful deep brain metrics for both R&D and marketing departments.

Some key metrics can only be tracked through fMRI, like our measures for Memorization (activated when consumers are stocking information in some part of their brain), Call to action (activated when consumers feel an urge to perform an action), or Self-esteem (activated when the brand/product is giving the feeling of a better self-image).

In total, we identified more than 20 different metrics to date, each corresponding to a very specific brain network.

Examples :

Examples :