There are many things consumers can’t tell us about how they make their decisions. This is because the way humans perceive and assess an offer relies on very complex brain networks that involve not only our conscious mind, but also our emotions and even our most primitive instincts.

That’s why understanding what’s happening deep inside the consumer’s brain is crucial for any company wanting to control its positioning. The way in which the design of a product is perceived emotionally or how a message is processed and stored in memory will have both an immediate impact on sales and a long-term impact on brand identity.

This is why Brain Impact has chosen to specialize in conducting market research exclusively using fMRI, the only technology that offers access to every region of the brain involved in the decision-making process, including the limbic brain.



Branding & Advertising

Reliable performance indicators and emotional territory analysis for your TVC, print ad or brand identity.

Product development

Evaluation of your product’s impact through its look & feel, scent, taste, sound or technical characteristics.

Digital environment

Perceptual overview of your website or app, including its visual identity, navigability and content.

Shopper experience & Retail

Neuro-analysis of your in-store environment and its impact on your customers, completed through VR.


trainings & events

Would you like Brain Impact to speak at your conference or train your team?

We can present a case study, explain why fMRI is not yet widely used but is already the best tool for market research, or improve your employees’ understanding of how your consumers make their decisions.

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About us

Arnaud Pêtre


A former PhD researcher at the University of Louvain, Arnaud was one of the first to introduce implicit IAT testing in the marketing field, in 1996. Bridging the gap between cognitive neuro-sciences and marketing, he founded Brain Impact, a pioneer in commercial fMRI brain scanning, in 2008.

Rodolphe Ishac


After 10 years at P&G focusing on shopper psychology, Rodolphe joined Brain Impact to be at the cutting edge of consumer decision understanding. His role is to make sure all the complex results obtained through fMRI analysis are converted into simple and actionable solutions for companies.