Its experts come from the scientific community, namely neuroscientists who have spent more than 15 years investigating deep brain involvement in the human decision making process. Thanks to its wide academic network and being a legally recognized research center, Brain Impact has the capacity to operate fMRI brain scanners globally.

Arnaud Pêtre

CEO & Founder

Prof. Ron Kupers

Scientific Director

Océane Dousteyssier

Chief Operating Officer

Rodolphe Ishac

Account manager

Armin Heinecke

Scientific Advisor

As demonstrated by Kahneman and Thaler (two Nobel laureates), our quick decisions are made up of unconscious interactions, driven by emotions stemming from deep and complex brain networks (such as the limbic and reptilian brains). Effective access to the deep brain can be gained through the use of functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), as evidenced by leading scientists worldwide focusing their research on enhanced understanding (e.g. economic decisions).

From the scientific world

Our experts come from the scientific community and regularly collaborate with researchers

fMRI only agency

Working exclusively with fMRI for many years, we have acquired unique expertise in using this technology to serve your business needs

100% in house

From study preparation & data acquisition (including scanner handling) to results delivery, 100% of the process is handled internally

Proprietary software

Always aiming to adapt to business constraints, we have designed specific tools to improve analysis efficiency using Big Data and AI


We run studies in 6 locations worldwide, covering up to 15 different nationalities


Heavy consumption has become obsolete. According to Harvard Business School, more than 30,000 new consumer products are launched each year, 80% of which will fail, while 65% of ads on YouTube are skipped according to CNBC.

How much energy, money and consumables are wasted by such failures?

By helping companies to direct the right product with the right message to the right target, we are helping to build a more sustainable world.


We provide free assistance to NGOs (at cost price), directing their behavioural approaches. By helping them to properly address their target, we aim to foster healthy habits across populations worldwide (road safety, child protection authorities, anti-smoking campaigns, etc.). By revealing unconscious emotions and key decision drivers, we can help you help citizens to change their behaviour.